Headstart registration is currently open. See below for more information.

We would love to have you on board our team! Each year, we are tasked to build a robot depending on the game released by the FIRST Robotics Competition. We need all the minds we can get to make this happen. Additionaly, we also host an annual summercamp! Joining the team or camp is easy, just follow the instructions below. If you want to learn more about the team, visit the about page!

Regular Season (Registration Currently Closed)

This is the signup for the MVRT team. Signing up through the linked form is required in order to particpate in trainings, buildseason, and competitions. Please follow the instructions and remember to turn in any necessary forms.

1. Fill out the online application (currenty closed).

2. Print out, complete, and sign the Medical Agreement.

Turn forms in to any MVRT Officer, or stop by at one of our meetings.

3. Pay the $135 membership donation (or $160 with a polo).

Checks can be made out to "MV ASB", with "MVRT" in the memo, and turned in to any officer.

If you have any personal financial issues with paying the membership fee, please talk to us! We are more than willing to accommodate to your situation.

Questions? Contact Us!


MVRT Headstart is a summer camp created to build a strong foundation in the basics of robotics for potential members. MVRT Headstart accomplishes this by training new students in the basics of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science as related to FIRST Robotics Competition. The camp is a one-week summer camp where students receive a hands-on introduction to circuitry, mechanical and electrical tools, as well as programming in WPILib. Students also assemble a kit of parts to understand how the different divisions interact to create a finalized product. By participating in MVRT Headstart, students are provided with knowledge that will strengthen their understanding of robotics and prepare them for joining the MVRT team.

Headstart 2019: August 5th - 9th, 9am - 3pm

Fill out this form to signup for MVRT's Headstart summer camp.

If you have any questions, contact us at