We would love to have you on board! Each year, we are tasked to build a robot depending on the game released by the FIRST Robotics Competition. We need all the minds we can get to make this happen. Additionally, we also host numerous outreach events and programs to spread STEM opportunities, including an annual summer camp! Joining the team is easy—just follow the instructions below. If you want to learn more about the team, visit the about page!

Once you have joined our Discord server, please fill out this registration form to officially be a part of the team! If you are not in our Discord server, please message our Instagram @mvrt115.

Questions? Contact Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a test/tryout to be a part of robotics, or can anyone join?

Nope, all a student needs to do is complete the registration process and they can be a part of the team!

2. Do students need to pick a specific division on the team, or can they do everything?

Students can be a part of as many or as few divisions as they feel comfotable with. Students can always try working in different divisions and learn about all aspects of the team! There is no requirement to choose a division at any point of time.

3. Do students need to attend all meetings?

Nope, students are not required to attend every meeting, and they should decide whether or not to attend a meeting based on their academic progress and other activities they take part in. All online training sessions will be recorded and available on the resources section of the website if a student misses a meeting. Although missing a lot of meetings will result in the student not getting access to the interactive activities, and so we don't recommend students to only watch the online recordings.

4. What exactly does the $100 donation contribute to?

The donations we receive help pay for the expense of the various tools and parts we use, such as crimpers, drills, stock aluminum, etc. These donations also help us cover the expenses for organizing meetings and services, such as securing space for large team events and bringing food and other essential commodities. We require about $50k-$70k to operate the team each year, and donations help us cover part of that cost.