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We are the Monta Vista Robotics Team from Cupertino, California. Participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition as Team 115!

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El Toro XXI

This is our robot for the FIRST POWER UP game.

Chain Driven 2-Stage Elevator

Driven by two loops of #25 chain, we engineered a breakthrough elevator to carry the cubes to the scale in the match.

6-Wheel West Coast Drive

Utilized the West Coast Drivetrain for versatile movement on the match field!

All-New CNC Milled Aluminum Intake

We worked hard to engineer and mill a custom intake and carriage plates.

Custom 3D Printed Idler Wheels

Our workspace serves as a community-wide makerspace, fitted with a state-of-the-art CNC mill and 3D printers. Our all new 3D printers allowed us to custom print wheels and other parts for our robot.

Pivoting Intake

Our pivoting intake allows us to easily secure the cube and transfer it to our elevator with ease.

Vertical CNC Milled Bellypan

The heart of our robot was engineered and custom made in conjuction with our mechanical team.

El Toro XXII coming soon...

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Our Programs


Currently, there is a huge problem with the lack of diversity in STEM related fields. MVRT decided to tackle the problem head-on and we formed SiSTEM, a support system for young females to join STEM. Our program showed unparralelled results, increasing our rookie involvement from 2 female rookies to over 43 female rookies in 2 years. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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MVRT strives to make an impact around the world. With our expansion programs in Taiwan and in Mali, we wish to expand and push the FIRST ideals globally.

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