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General Information

The official website the annual FRC game and information for other competitions FIRST hosts, such as FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge.
ChiefDelphi Forums
The biggest FIRST robotics community online. ALL the information you’d ever want about robotics: examples, resources, tips, etc.
Competition Webcast
Webcast of Regional and Championship events.
The Blue Alliance
An archive of matches and video tutorials.
Monta Vista High School
This is our school’s website.
This site is a good resource for learning how to program LabVIEW.
This site archives Inventor models of all the common mechanical parts and some electrical components.

Part Suppliers

IFI Robotics
Innovation First’s official website. It’s the supplier of the electric component of the robot. Check out their guides on each electrical component’s use and specifics.
Bimba Manufacturing provides industry-leading pneumatic, hydraulic and electric solutions, including a variety of stainless steel body air cylinders.
AndyMark, Inc.
Supplies gearboxes and a variety of wheels.
McMaster-Carr Supply
Order mechanical parts online at McMaster-Carr.
Supplies belts and pulleys and other drive products.

Local Teams

Team 8
Paly Robotics
Team 100
Team 114
LAHS Robotics
Team 254
The Cheesy Poofs
Team 971
Spartan Robotics
Team 604
Leland Robotics
Team 701
Vanden Robotics
Team 846
Lynbrook Robotics/Funky Monkeys
Team 1700
Team 1868
Space Cookies