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Listed below are numerous documents that we use ourselves in order to keep going as a functional, well-organized team. We hope that by providing these documents to the FIRST community, it will give other teams a chance to see how we run different aspects of our team.

Testing things.


Job Description
An overview of the job description for the mechanical build leads.
Inventor Naming Conventions
In order to help keep track of all the inventor files our members create overtime, we use this document to help organize our files.
Ordering Bosch
This document can be helpful for teams that use bosch as the framing material for their robot and need to know how to order bosch.
Training Schedule
This training schedule has been used in the past to train rookies before build season begins. This schedule is used for our engineering, mechanical, and electrical divisions.
Tool Manual
In order to have a successful build season, each team needs the right tools. Composed within this document is a list of tools that we use throughout each build season.
End of Kickoff
This powerpoint is what we use to recap what we will be doing during build with the rest of the team at the end of the first day of the build season.
Design Review 1
We used this powerpoint to show our mentors and parents on our team our plans for the robot one week into build. At the start of the design review, we review the game video and rules. Then we continue with the designs we have prototyped and put onto Inventor and discuss the good and the bad.

Public Relations

FLL Binder
This is a comprehensive binder made by the FLL coaches themselves on helpful links, advises, and tips on how to start, mentor, and volunteer with the FLL program. This document includes competition information, FLL values, judging rubrics, and much more to help everyone on their way to success with FLL.
The FIRST Aid Kit is our all-in-one team manual that shows how we run every aspect of our team. There are numerous tips and strategies throughout the kit that will help you jump-start your team!


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