Founded in 1997, the Monta Vista Robotics FIRST Team #115 was established by a few friends looking for a way to venture into the the technological world through creative innovation.

Over the last twenty years, MVRT has taken great strides in technology and leadership by encouraging its members to further pursue their imaginations beyond the mundane world and into the extraordinary realm. However, none of the achievements and advancements in technology would have been gained without the continuous and unfailing support of our community, parents, and the more than valuable guidance of our advisors and alumni. They have assisted us in overcoming obstacles along the path for original and unique ideas.

MVRT continues to fulfill its mission in creating the “visionaries of tomorrow” today by participating in FIRST and inspiring young students through mentoring and community outreach. We stand together as a diverse group of people ready to face hardships and difficulties and combine our ingenuity to attain a common goal: building a masterpiece and inspiring the next generation of engineers and leaders.

MVRT Headstart is a summer camp created to build a strong foundation in the basics of robotics for potential members. MVRT Headstart accomplishes this by training new students in the basics of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science as related to FIRST Robotics Competition. The camp is a one-week summer camp where students receive a hands-on introduction to circuitry, mechanical and electrical tools, as well as programming in WPILib. Students also assemble a kit of parts to understand how the different divisions interact to create a finalized product. By participating in MVRT Headstart, students are provided with knowledge that will strengthen their understanding of robotics and ultimately create.

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